New Years Resolutions 2017

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Well it is the first of the year and time to list some new resolutions. I am not a huge fan of doing resolutions but I am going to do some for fun.

  1. First, I plan to do a lot more writing this year for fun and profit. I have some big writing goals and doing a daily post on here will help.
  2. I am going to get out of this stupid physical therapy hospital. I have been trapped here since May and need to get out and get my life back on track.
  3. I am going to get my social life back on track. My wife is divorcing me so I’ll be free to get out and do more. I will be looking to spend time with friends and get out and do more. Maybe I’ll meet someone nice.
  4. I am going to grow my consulting business to make me enough money to live on. I have applied for disability to temporarily get back on my feet. But I don’t want to be on it forever. I want to be a productive memenpber of society.
  5. My last resolution is I’ll find a new ministry opportunity. I want to do work for he Lord.

What are your resolutions? Let me know in the comments.

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I am a writing, educator and speaker. I am an avid gamer, both board games and role playing. I love reading science fiction and fanatasy.

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