New writings

Get excited!

Classes have started up again and I am working on a spiritual formation class.

As part of this class I have weekly writing prompts. I am going to post them to the site. I hope you like reading them.

9 to 5 by Home Free

Here is a good video from Home Free.

Decisions Decisions Decisions

I am lying in bed and have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I have some major decisions to make in life and they are not easy ones to make. One I am looking at will have a price attached. I am not ready to talk publicly about this one yet but it is weighing heavily on my mind. Some decisions are easier than others. I have to decide what doctoral program I am going to go into. Part of this is dependent on the score I get on the gre test I have to take. The program I want to get into is looking for a score of around 300. That's huge! I haven't taken a math class in nearly 20 years. Anyway, I want to get into a program at the university of Florida. It is an awesomei program and quite cutting edge. I really pray I make it into it. I have Read more [...]

Yet another posting promise

I am going to be working to get more content up here.

I hope to get stuff up on a weekly basic. We shall see.

Welcome to 2015

Hi everyone.

I know I have been sporadic writing on the blog the last year but I was finishing up my Masters degree and that has taken all my time.

I am going to get back to doing reviews and posting my class material this week.

As a preview I am going to be reviewing the Cathedral Reunion video. This should be fun.

So I’ll be busy on here. Looking forward to hearing from you all


Fantasy Football

We got the invites out today.

WordCamp Columbus

In Columbus OH today for WordCamp Columbus.

Having a good time.

Wordcamp – Nashville

I am in Nashville today for a WOrdcamp summit.

Learning all things wordpress.

Family-Integrated Model of youth program organization

My assignment was to write whether I agreed with this model based on the information supplied. The Info Supplied: Family-Integrated Model – “Proponents of family-integrated churches believe that ‘there is no scriptural pattern for comprehensive age-segregated discipleship, and that age-segregated practices are based on unbiblical, evolutionary and secular thinking which have invaded the church.’ . . . As a result, family-integrated congregations ‘reject the emphasis on family-fragmenting, facility-based programs which disregard the Church as a people in community and which displace family outreach.’ From a family integrated perspective, ‘the church’s relationships are nurtured primarily through daily discipleship in everyday Read more [...]

Playing pathfinder


Having a good time in st. Albans